The Dream AirFeel Mattress

The Dream AirFeel Mattress

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The Dream is a cushy luxury chamber, tailor-made for athletes, hot sleepers, and every sleep style - cradling and uplifting the body like a boss!

MLILY teams up with Manchester United to deliver an upgrade of its Dream mattress. The special construction of The Dream Hybrid ensures the ultimate comfort for sleepers of any position—perfect for athletes! Its responsive foam provides pressure relief, and the hand-quilted cover is made with moisture-wicking TENCEL™ tech, so you'll stay dry and cool. Plus, you'll recover faster!

The bed features AirFeel memory foam, great for those who tend to sleep hot. Plus, the ventilated surface provides extra comfort and breathability for athletes and hot sleepers alike!

Pressure Relief

As you lie down on a bed, you will begin to notice your weight collecting and placing added pressure in particular areas. These are known as your pressure points. Common ones could be the hips, back, and shoulders. Sometimes these pressure points can cause discomfort and even pain, which is why it’s important to invest in a bed that is specifically designed to provide relief for sensitive pressure points.


Proper spinal alignment is about more than just maintaining a good posture; it’s also critical for preventing chronic pain in different parts of the body including the neck and back. A bed can play a significant role in helping to make sure your spine remains in a neutral position while you sleep by providing adequate support.

The Dream hybrid design also includes an individual pocketed spring system, which is manufactured to not only provide a bit of bounce, but also the high-quality support that’s going to keep your spine in good alignment throughout the night.


✅ Body Recovery for Athletes
Whether you're an amateur or a professional, this mattress is designed to give your body the restorative rest it needs to compete at the highest level. Get ready to go the distance with the Dream AirFeel mattress!

✅ Great airflow and premium comfort
Fluff up for superior luxury and stay cool premium comfort all night long! A night of restful sleep, with a breathable cushion and soft, luxurious feel. No need for tossing and turning here!

✅ Pressure Relief
Pressure Relief Experience the bliss of restful sleep, with elite cushioning that's tailored to your individual needs for a hug-like feel.

✅ Motion Isolation
Experience true, peaceful sleep: no more waking up from your partner's tossing and turning--this mattress has you covered with motion isolation technology.

✅ Removable and Washable Jersey
A mattress cover that's as easy to refresh as it is to maintain. Keep your mattress looking and feeling fresh—no sweat!

Crafted with:

  • Knit Fabric with black breathable fabric on the border
  • Jersey Fabric Inner Cover
  • Ventilated Air Memory Foam
  • High Resilient Polyurethane Foam
  • Pocketed Spring with Foam Encasement
  • High Resilient Foundation Foam
  • Non-Slip with Zipper on the border