Supreme Aeroflow Mattress

Supreme Aeroflow Mattress

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Supreme Mattress is designed to be slimmer, with a balance of comfort and support providing an amazing value overall.

The Supreme is an all-foam mattress with two inches of cooling foam top layer, followed by another two inches of contouring memory foam. The last is the base made from 4-inch foam for structure and durability.

This 8-inch mattress is stacked with high-end materials, but it does not come with a high-end price. It not only breathes, but the air flow creates a cooling sensation keeping you comfortable while you sleep. 

✅ Breathable
Stay comfortably cool all night with our breathable materials that expertly manage your body temperature. Say goodbye to overheating and enjoy a refreshing sleep experience.

✅ Pressure Relief
Pressure Relief Experience the bliss of restful sleep, with elite cushioning that's tailored to your individual needs for a hug-like feel.

✅ Motion Isolation
Experience true, peaceful sleep: no more waking up from your partner's tossing and turning--this mattress has you covered with motion isolation technology.

✅ Removable and Washable Jersey
A mattress cover that's as easy to refresh as it is to maintain. Keep your mattress looking and feeling fresh—no sweat!

✅ Mattress-In-a-Box
No worries about movers! This mattress arrives vacuum-sealed and ready to rock in a convenient cardboard box, delivering straight to your door with ease!

Crafted with:

  • Adaptive Fabric with Sofa Fabric Border
  • Jersey Fabric Inner Cover
  • Cool Gel Memory Foam
  • Aeroflow Support Foam
  • High Resilient Foundation Foam
  • Non-Slip with Zipper on the border
  • Removable & washable cover